It is our conviction that the combination between these two interactive components will contribute to sustainable development of the African Society to become what they were called for – to be a blessing to the world! Through close interaction between the Co-operative and Development Trust we are contributing to projects and programs within a variety of business sectors.

Touching Africa is a KINGDOM FOCUSED, non-profit organization that primarily aims to make a difference and “touch” the African society. The VISION of Touching Africa is to contribute to sustainable growth and development in AFRICA to ultimately realize the full potential and calling of Africa on a global scale. Touching Africa is founded on vision-based business, project development and relationship-based networking.


Background on the development of Touching Africa

Touching Africa is founded on vision-based business, project development and relationship-based networking. Touching Africa’s focus is on making a difference and “touching” the African society. All that we are today has been growing since 1987 within relationship-based business, where a few individuals were convicted about a Kingdom lifestyle and business character. Around the year 2000, Touching Africa evolved into a small group of businesses. The Touching Africa Development Trust (TADT) was established in 2010 as a “social vision instrument” that facilitates the development of projects having a positive impact on society and the hearts of people.

During this time, we also embarked on a journey to develop a broader network and association of people, organizations, institutions and social and corporative enterprises.

As the association developed, the vision remained the same: To “touch” Africa, to be an “alternative society” and to manifest the “Kingdom of God” that will impact generations to come. Touching Africa experienced monumental growth during the past 5 years in the following ways:

  • Growth in associates and network partners.
  • A sound institutional framework was established.
  • Opportunities to work together and touch the community of Africa have developed and increased.

Today our story includes many changed lives as a result of:

  • People working together.
  • People being trained and establishing small businesses through our training programs.
  • Contributing to the development of agricultural activities, tourism, conservation activities, schools and other facilities.
  • Projects implemented to supply water and other services to communities.

Additionally, we have built vision and passion, motivating many to make a difference through various conferences, leadership training, workshops and award ceremonies throughout the years. The detail of most of these stories is captured on a monthly basis, published in the Touching Africa Gazette (TAG) available on this website. We invite you to read our stories, share in our dreams and participate to make a difference by “touching Africa”.

Vision and Mission of Touching Africa

The vision of Touching Africa is to contribute to sustainable growth and development in AFRICA to ultimately realize the full potential and calling of Africa on a global scale.
This vision will be achieved through the cooperative support of:
  • Defined non-profit social enterprise structures to ensure sound management ofsustainable development projects.
  • A network of individuals, corporate- and social enterprises that agree to work individuallyaccording to the defined Operating Principles and the spirit of Touching Africa, making adifference by “touching” Africa through our businesses, actions and lifestyle.

Institutional framework

  • The Touching Africa Development Trust (TADT) operates as a trust to manage funds to the benefit of the African Community in the broadest sense of the word. It is overseen by a board of trustees.
  • The Touching Africa Development Non-Profit Company (TAD-NPC) operate as a company with no profit and personal gain. It operates to benefit specific defined participants, communities, projects and services. It is also overseen by a board of directors.
  • The Touching Africa Cooperation (TAC) consist of a network of visionary individuals, corporate to social enterprises, now invited to become members of the TAC.

Highlights and Projects

NWU signs memorandum of understanding with Ndebele Kingship Council

What all started as a dream in our hearts led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU between the Ndebele Kingship Council and the North-West University (NWU) on Wednesday, 18 July 2018. An opportunity for cooperation between the Ndebele Kingship Council...

The heart of Touching Africa

We are living in a broken society, shaped by hidden agendas and own interests, resulting in separation, differences in culture and socio-economic models, classes and groups, with own kingdoms on the one hand and poverty on the other.

Touching Africa leadership workshop

Come join the Touching Africa leadership workshop

Ethics, Values and Clean living

“Ethical leadership is not an option but a national imperative”


Dolomite is such a diverse rock! It is an exceptional aquifer for groundwater supply (which we often explore), a superior construction material (for aggregate and cement), a playground for tourism due to the beauty of its natural habitat, but, also the host of karst landscapes with sinkholes and subsidences.

BEEP Entrepreneurship Course

On Wednesday 5 April 2017 Touching Africa started a basic course in Entrepreneurship at the Real Life Community Centre in Extension 11, Ikageng. It was a dream come true.

A new development in Training Services by Touching Africa

The collaboration between different businesses in the Touching Africa Association has led to an exciting new training and skills development opportunity.

A blessed harvest in Zambia

The Du Preez family is truly a blessing to the people in Zambia as they share God’s love and allow God to restore hope in the peoples’ hearts.

Providing water for Bakgatla

The Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela in Moruleng, is a community of about 350 000 people, living in 32 villages in the North West Province, near the Pilanesberg, South Africa.


Words have power. They have the power to unite or divide, heal or hurt. Heartlines is pioneering a national campaign “What’s your Story”? An initiative that uses personal storytelling to build understanding and trust.

Touching Africa Conference 2017

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