The following funding options can be applied in order to touch Africa, making a difference and achieve our goals:

  • To contribute via EFT to the Touching Africa Organisation or specific projects, please use the following bank details:
    • Account name: TA Ecclesia
    • Bank: FNB (First National Bank)
    • Account Type: current account
    • Account number: 623 6714 5680
    • Branch number: 250655
    • Reference: Contributor name
    • Proof of payment: [email protected]

Or click the button for secure online contributions

1) Private Investment opportunity

Project and business development funding within a safe environment with a return on investment.


2) Public Funds

Effective, sustainable and mark-related application of public funds for project development and implementation within a responsible ethos-based framework of integrity. 


3) Project Finance and Loan Management

This enables funding to major projects on an off-balance sheet.



4) Philanthropic-based donations

Application of philanthropic-based donation within a feedback reporting framework.


5) Vision-based contributions 

Contributions aligned with the vision and mission of the contribution to address specific needs.

6) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds 

CSR funds and related project development and implementation in compliance to the Mining Charter.


7) Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds 

CSI funds and related project development and implementation with purpose to improve the world without direct benefit to the contributor.


8) Tax Incentive funding

Where donations are approved according to article 18A regulations for deduction from taxable income.



9) Tax Deduction Investment

A 12J Venture Capital mechanism to obtain tax benefits with investments in new business development opportunities.


10) Financial Grants

The management of Financial Grants allocated to facilitate specific goals or incentivise performance.

11) BBBEE Funds 

Funds related to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment compliance requirements.