Premium Corporate Membership

The Premium Corporate Membership in the Touching Africa Network is directed at corporate members that commit to a very specific contribution to the implementation of the Touching Africa dream and vision on a continual basis. These are the organisations that take hands with Touching Africa to make a difference in a hands-on way. Premium Corporate Membership is only given by the Touching Africa management committee, and is in recognition of:

  • a monthly financial contribution of a minimum of R1000, 
  • rendering of continuous strategic services over time, or
  • a strategic partnership with Touching Africa

Premium Corporate Members have access to all network services as defined in the other membership options and therefore include all the following and more:

  • Access to group communication through email and the TAG
  • Access to the Touching Africa Co-operative Bank in conjunction with GIG Institute in the form of free financial training
  • Access to Word and Vision guidance, leadership, and input
  • Access to the annual Touching Africa Network Conference
  • Use of the “Proudly Supporting TA” logo on all communication, business branding, website, reports, etc.
  • Access to the high-quality Network Member Certificate (including Operating Principles) that can be displayed, and the logo be used in network business branding – reflecting association with the Vision and OPERATING PRINCIPLES of Touching Africa. This will underline and declare the high moral and principle-based business ethics of the branding process  
  • Access to the Touching Africa Communication App
  • Participation in financial services to open a bank account provided by the Touching Africa Co-operative Bank (see video below)
  • The availability of Kingdom focused and vision-based Business Leadership Training, including business and personal mentoring as well as team building programs. Emphasis is given to “fatherhood development” to capacitate leaders to lead their individual organisations
  • Access to group based affordable services and group-founded advantages negotiated on behalf of the Touching Africa network members (to be developed in the future)
  • Internal conflict management and arbitration services in a Kingdom-based manner in line with the Unashamedly Ethical guidelines
  • Access to opportunities to participate in the Touching Africa Co-operatives and related projects and business development opportunities.
  • Access to marketing on all communication forums including future apps, the TAG and the Touching Africa website and conferences as an acknowledged Associate, supporting the vision and mission of Touching Africa
  • Affiliation to/recognition by the Touching Africa network as a vision-based group of enterprises to give “body” to the marketing and promotion of business opportunities  
  • The availability of Kingdom-focused and vision-based Business Leadership Training
  • Access to the “Empower your workers” benefit
    • A benefit aimed at encouraging workers with a monthly gross income of less than R10 000 to save money and practice sound financial management. This feature is available to the workers of corporate members and premium corporate members and is presented at a discounted rate of R70 per worker. The account enables every individual to save money at high interest rates. It has the further benefit of enabling individuals to borrow money after faithfully saving money for 12 months or more. The amount that can be borrowed at 0% interest rates is equal to twofold the value of what they saved. Employees get access to training material and employers are encouraged to intentionally train their workers in financial management and wealth accumulation.     
  • Secured seats (x 2) at the annual Touching Africa Network conference
  • Network Member Copper Plate to be used at company premises
  • Recognition of Premium Corporate Membership on the Touching Africa Website, with a direct link between websites to ensure easy public access

The following video is an introduction to the GIG platform -the supporting co-operative bank to Touching Africa.

Would you like to join the network as a PREMIUM corporate member?

 Once-off registration fee: R 250.00

Monthly subscription fee: min R1000.00 per month (Please enter below)

Initial Amount: R 1 250.00
(Once-off registration fee + monthly subscription fee)

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