TOUCHING AFRICA making a difference TOUCHING AFRICA making a difference TOUCHING AFRICA making a difference TOUCHING AFRICA making a difference

About Us 

Touching Africa is an organisation with a dream to make a difference, built upon an understanding of the nature of God’s Kingdom as a day to day reality to all aspects of life. Our PURPOSE to give expression to this truth in the corporate reality and community of Africa, has become an overwhelming PASSION through all the years!  Touching Africa started with the establishment of the first Kingdom-vision based business 30 years ago, a small beginning that grew into a group of vision-based businesses that share the dream to “touch Africa”. From this, a NETWORK of like-minded individuals, organisations, institutions, social enterprises, corporate enterprises, professional service providers, farmers, contractors and businesses has developed over the last 15 years. Over time, an organisation has emerged that provides a corporate and institutional framework to the dream of making a difference in Africa.

 Today, our VISION to make a tangible difference by contributing to sustainable growth and development in Africa, became a growing reality. Our aim is to contribute to a momentum, that ultimately realise the full potential and calling of Africa on a global scale!

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Projects and programs

We package and present solutions to identified NEEDS as sustainable projects and social development programs for funding purposes.

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We identify FUNDING options to address the needs, and render professional fund management services.

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We have a network of effective SERVICE PROVIDERS to implement projects and programs, thus bringing solutions and addressing the need with integrity.

Our Institutional Tools

The following institutional tools have been developed to put our vision into practice and to manage projects and funding:

  1. Touching Africa Development Trust that operates as a “Community Trust” and is able to manage funds to the benefit and interest of communities in need.
  2. Non-Profit Companies, NGO’s, Foundations (Article 18a registrations), 12J Venture Capital company, and Black-Owned Enterprise development structures.
  3. Primary co-operatives are in a process of development to facilitate cooperation between service providers within the network, with focus groups in different business sectors, projects and programs.
  4. A secondary Co-operative Financial Institution is currently in the process of registration, to render co-operative bank services to selective projects and programs.
  5. Leadership and Mentoring team is available to all participants in Touching Africa and endeavours to grow Kingdom vision on all levels, giving vision-based support, and serve the body on a corporate level.

Our Footprint

Our story has already changed many lives over the years. People were trained and established in small businesses through our training programs, others were motivated to make a difference through many conferences, leadership training, workshops and award ceremonies.

We have established gardens and agricultural programs, contributed to the establishment of schools and educational facilities, and supported many community-development programs.

We have contributed to a wide range of water, sanitation and infrastructure development projects, thereby making a huge difference too many communities through service providers within our network.

Our Foundation

The Touching Africa dream is founded on a conviction that we have a mandate to make a positive difference to society through the Love of God. We regard our contribution as part of the bigger unity within the body of Christ in action, giving expression to the Kingdom of God in all brokenness and humbleness.

We believe that a changed society is possible, based on changed mindsets that start in our own hearts, families, organisations, businesses, and communities.

Co-operative Framework

Funding and network services are integrated within the Touching Africa co-operative framework.

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Touching Africa Co-Operatives

Water Cooperative

Development of Water Supply projects and programs

Agricultural Services Cooperative

Agriculture-related services and development

Integrated Development Services Cooperative

Rendering of professional services including infrastructure development and housing

Trade and Tourism Co-operative

Development of new community-based trade and tourism business opportunities

Enterprise Development Co-operative

Development of new business opportunities through the Broad-based Enterprise Empowerment Program (BEEP)

Training and Education Co-operative

Coordination between various educational and training options service providers, institutions, programs and new development

Corporate and Business Services Co-operative

Rendering of corporate and business services to network members within Touching Africa

Community and Social development Co-operative

Alignment and cooperation between various NGO’s and non-profit organisations within the network

Co-operative Financial Institution

Rendering of basic financial services to network members – with a dream of developing the Touching Africa Co-operative Bank as a vision-focussed, open membership-based organisation and financial service provider with a commitment to contribute surplus to sustainable development programs to the benefit of the community of Africa

  • To contribute via EFT to the Touching Africa Organisation or specific projects, please use the following bank details:
    • Account name: TA Ecclesia
    • Bank: FNB (First National Bank)
    • Account Type: current account
    • Account number: 623 6714 5680
    • Branch number: 250655
    • Reference: Contributor name
    • Proof of payment: [email protected]

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