“Touching Africa comes from the hearts of various individuals together in business becoming an alternative for worldly brokenness.”
About Us

We are an organisation with a vision to contribute to sustainable growth and development in Africa, to ultimately realise the full potential and calling of Africa on a global scale. 

We touch Africa with a vision that makes a tangible difference.

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How we touch

people’s lives by implementing, managing, supporting and developing community programs and related funding. We operate as a Trust who manages funds to benefit the African community.

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Who we are

A network of like-minded individuals, organisations and a variety of corporate to social enterprises all with a shared vision to make a difference in our African society.

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How we serve

as a network of vision oriented individuals, organisations and institutions, social to corporate enterprises and business entities that associates themselves with the heart of Touching Africa.

How we do it

Our story includes many changed lives from people trained and established in small businesses through our training programs, our contributions to the development of gardens, agricultural activities, tourism and conservation activities, schools and other facilities, as well as projects implemented to supply water and other services to communities

We have built vision and passion, we motivate many to make a difference through many conferences, leadership training, workshops and award ceremonies over the years.

“Touching Africa comes from the hearts of various individuals together in business becoming an alternative
for worldly brokenness.”

Why us?

Today, hundreds of entities are taking hands throughout southern Africa with a wide spread of projects and community development programs in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

We bring solutions to challenges. We link people and projects in need of support through the use of funders or expertise.  

It’s a trustworthy platform from where we can work together from a common vision and conviction.

Changing minds, changing society, changing the world – starting in own hearts, families and communities. Small beginnings – like the mustard seed. 

For Who?

Anyone (individual or business or NPO) with a similar conviction can join the three groupings. Ultimately we want to be the most trustworthy platform for safe business amongst each other, to also attract new projects or investment opportunities and to identify programmes for community development.

For the Development Trust part, international as well as national funding for social and corporate responsibility, LED projects, etc should be encouraged.

TA Functions within two distinctly different, but interactive components

A wide range of services are provided by members (businesses)

Water Services Sector

Agri Land and Community Development

Land/Town Development and Housing Sector

Environmental/Alternative Green Market Sector

Mining and Primary Resources Sector

Alternative Energy

Professional and Business Support Services

Youth and Community Development

“Miracles, supernatural ideas and solutions will come to life if like-minded people take hands to really work together for a common cause. There’s nothing like a shared passion for hope.”

Contact Number

+27 18 297 6588 or
+27 83 268 2097


88 MC Roode drive, Vyfhoek
Potchefstroom, South Africa