Welcome to the Touching Africa membership page. It is our dream to build the network into a strong community, taking hands and making a difference in society.

We have different network membership options to facilitate different levels of cooperation in the network. Please selects one of the four different membership options according to your need:

Membership Options

  • General Membership is a free membership that gives access to the Touching Africa network and provides the opportunity of like-minded people to link with each other.
  • Individual Membership is a personal network membership available to individuals that commit to contribute to the activities of Touching Africa at a fee of R150 per month with specific benefits.
  • Corporate Membership that secures the participation of Corporate Bodies (businesses, organisations, enterprises, etc.) in the Touching Africa Network activities at a fee of R350 per month with specific corporate benefits.
  • Premium Corporate Membership is given to corporate members that work closely together with Touching Africa and commit to a very specific contribution towards the implementation of the dream and vision to make a difference on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about every membership option, select the button below of the option that you are interested in.

Premium Corporate Members

We acknowledge and thank the following Premium Corporate Members that contribute to the growth of Touching Africa on all levels. It is your support that enable us to “touch Africa” and make a difference in society!

Perazim Network Enterprises CC
The business initially focused on network installations in offices, but has since evolved and entered...
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Ramotse Services
Ramotse Services was established at the end of 2019. The business was developed mainly to assist AGES...
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Co-operative Financial Institution GIG Co-Operative Financial Institution is a service to members of...
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Beulah Africa
Vision “Together developing our people and communities”. We believe that people and communities should...
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Valero Consulting
Valero Consulting is a business optimisation consulting firm focusing on the unique needs of SME’s. We...
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Willem Coetzee Ing / Inc
Who are we? Willem Coetzee Ing / Inc is a well established Attorney Firm based in Potchefstroom, South...
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MwB Consulting Engineers
MwB Consulting Engineers, MwB, is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firm offering a client...
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DMS NPC operates in the disaster risk management field, focusing on the delivery of tailor-made solutions...
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Power Group
At the Power Group we stay true to our purpose to “improve the quality of life in Africa” through infrastructure...
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MD Foundation
MD Foundation (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2010 when 5 family-owned farming operations rallied together after...
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AGES Alpha
About Africa Geo-Environmental Engineering and Science (AGES) Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced...
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Kgoma Africa
We serve the development needs of Africa. Our main focus, for now, is the water and sanitation sector...
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