Individual Membership

This is the personal network membership available to individuals that commit to contribute to the activities of Touching Africa for R150 per month. This gives access to the following Network services, additional to the general free membership:

  • Access to group communication through email and the TAG
  • Access to the Touching Africa Co-operative Bank in conjunction with GIG Institute in the form of free financial training
    • See introductory video below
  • Access to Word and Vision guidance, leadership, and input
  • Access to the annual Touching Africa Network Conference and other Touching Africa group meetings
  • Use of the “Proudly Supporting TA” logo on all communication, business branding, website, reports, etc.
  • Access to the high-quality Network Member Certificate (including Operating Principles) that can be displayed, and the logo be used in network business branding – reflecting association with the Vision and OPERATING PRINCIPLES of Touching Africa. This will underline and declare the high moral and principle-based business ethics of the branding process  
  • If donations are made to Touching Africa, a Section 18-A tax deductible certificate that can be issued by the Touching Africa Development Non-Profit Company (TAD-NPC)
  • Participation in financial services to open a bank account provided by the Touching Africa Co-operative Community Bank on the GIG platform. This can be a platform for a savings account and open the door to interest-free loans   
  • Access to group based affordable services and group-founded advantages negotiated on behalf of the Touching Africa network members (to be developed in the future)
  • Committed financial support to Touching Africa activities in order to support all future development

The following video is an introduction to the GIG platform -the supporting co-operative bank to Touching Africa.

Would you like to join the network as an individual member?


Once-off registration fee: R250.00

Monthly subscription fee: R150.00 per month

Initial Amount: R400.00 (Once-off registration fee + monthly subscription fee)

Please complete the mandate below to register.