Beulah Africa


“Together developing our people and communities”. We believe that people and communities should own and participate in their own development through the creation of a shared vision between the private, public and NGO sectors to address the unique social, economic, political and environmental challenges facing our South-African and African communities.


Roné Coetzee, a passionate social entrepreneur and sustainable development activist, founded Beulah Africa Consulting in 2013 out of the need for development she saw while working in the Mining Industry. In 2014, Beulah Africa Development NPC was established to add value to the services already offered by Beulah Africa Consulting. Shortly thereafter, in 2016, Beulah Africa Training was added to the group. Over the years Beulah Africa has expanded its footprint from the Mining Industry into the Energy and Agricultural Industries as well.

Our Approach to Development

Beulah Africa follows a people & community centered approach in delivering integrated social investment facilitation that leads to sustainable change (impact) to the lives of people and communities in Africa. Bringing together the public, private and NGO sectors to meet the developmental needs of people and communities, while ensuring compliance and benefits to the donors and industries involved.

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