Nyanga Water Project

The Nyanga Story.

Lucia Magundu is a 69-year-old woman who lives alone in a hut in Mazarura Village in Nyanga, Zimbabwe. She does not have access to running water. A 1km walk leads her to the Nyamukuyu River, where she can collect water for drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. during the wet season. During the dry season, she walks to a community borehole, approximately 3km from her home. Having collected the water, she returns to her home, walking uphill with the buckets of water balanced skilfully on top of her head.

Lucia, like many others in this community, has a dream of having a borehole in their village to enable them better access to water. It will present an opportunity for them to expand on their current efforts for agriculture and development. A geohydrologist from South Africa, with more than 40years’ experience, agreed to do a site investigation to determine potential sites for a borehole. This increases the chances of getting water by more than 60%.   As soon as we have managed to receive sufficient funds, the next step is to appoint a drilling contractor for the physical work.

A geohydrologist will accompany the contractor for drilling supervision to ensure maximum efficiency. Nevison (in the video) attended an agricultural course that forms part of a project “Turning Matabeleland Green”, to help him implement efficient agricultural methods. The key element required to boost his efforts, is water to use for irrigation.

Please support them to make their dream a reality.

Project Funding Details:
Touching Africa Development NPC
FNB – 62398936769
Branch – 250 655
Swift Code – FIRNZAJJ
Reference – Nyanga