Community and social development services

Banna Ba Kae exists to encourage government and civil society to initiate programs and services aimed at engaging men and boys in preventing gender-based violence. The strategy is also in accordance with Goals of the Integrated Victim, Empowerment Policy.

The community-aimed project forms part of the Tlokwe Men’s Forum.

The implementation of a Social Cohesion and Moral Regeneration Program for the North West Province through the Men Sector Development, Social Development Programs, and taking care of vulnerable groups in the community.

A project initiated by women for women to upgrade and maintain women-headed households in vulnerable communities.

Project Status: Ongoing project actions in the North-West province of South Africa.

Other Community and Social Development Programmes

The development and support to various individual Kingdom-based, Christ-centred Community and Social Development Projects serving the community on various levels, spread throughout Africa.

Project Status:
Ongoing support actions at various localities: Amelia, Yasha – Kenya, Ani Vileli & Sisazani.