Integrated development services

Congo Trans-Africa Water Project

The Congo Trans-Africa Water Project is the development of a mega water supply and energy support system, to enable the transport of water from the Congo River in Angola to various Southern Africa countries with the implementation of Agricultural practices on mega-scale. 

The project is currently in the research, conceptual to pre-feasibility phase.


InvestRural is a South African initiative committed to improving the livelihoods of rural people.

Our vision is of an Africa where rural people live with dignity, work towards prosperity, and have hope for the future.

We match traditional communities with those who have the resources, expertise, and innovations to unlock rural potential.

Rural people are at the centre of everything we do. They identify the greatest opportunities, own the projects, and provide the land and labour. It is their commitment to this process that makes lasting rural development possible.

InvestRural identifies areas with the greatest potential to attract investment, spur rural enterprise and support job creation. From agriculture to manufacturing, rural enterprise to tourism – the aim is to realise the untapped potential in rural economies.

Metsi A Batho

“Metsi A Batho” means “Water for the people”.

The project includes the development of an Operation and Maintenance support program to assist local water service providers and water users through the rendering of services, training and supporting of operators.