InvestRural is a South African initiative committed to improving the livelihoods of rural people. We match traditional communities with those who have the resources, expertise and innovations to unlock rural potential. Rural people are at the centre of everything we do. They identify the greatest opportunities, own the projects, and provide the land and labour. It is their commitment to this process that makes lasting rural development possible. The Master Plan serves as a comprehensive guide for rural development.

InvestRural is backed by the National House of Traditional and Khoisan leaders (DHTKL), who endorsed it as ‘the best way forward for rural development’. The NHTKL is a body composed of Traditional Leaders that represent traditional leadership and their communities in South Africa on national governmental level. The mandate of the House is to promote the role of traditional leadership in nation-building, peace, stability, and cohesiveness of communities and is overseen by the Department of Traditional Affairs. The InvestRural Initiative supports this House to attract investment and innovation to rural areas, and to bring workable solutions to the most fundamental challenges thereby acting as catalyst for social and economic change.

InvestRural is in essence an initiative that aims to transform rural challenges into investable opportunities. This program is guided by a Master Plan, as referenced above, which sets out a framework for rural development over the long-term within an entrepreneurial approach. The Master Plan was endorsed by the NHTKL in 2021 and subsequently handed over to President Ramphosa at the opening of the NHTKL that same year.

The InvestRural initiative specifically focusses on areas under traditional leadership representing approximately 15% of South Africa’s land mass, in which roughly 20 million people reside. InvestRural envisions an Africa where rural people live with dignity, work towards prosperity and have hope for the future.

Beyond the sound Economic and Traditional principles on which the initiative is based, InvestRural commits to, and is underscored by, spiritual principles in which community wellbeing is valued far more than personal gain.

The Master Plan adopted by the NHTKL covers the development framework of Renewable Energy, Roads & Transport, Water, Sanitation, Telecommunications, Financial Inclusion, Education & Training, Health, Agriculture, Tourism, Retail, Manufacturing and Rural Enterprise Development sectors.

It offers a wide-ranging assessment of South Africa’s rural areas, identifies the most viable opportunities, and delivers sector-based solutions. Rural transformation requires a commitment from all sectors of society – from industry to government, investors to entrepreneurs. Contact us to learn more about how your organisation can get involved.

Project Status: Design, funding and implementation of individual projects within the Program.

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