ABBA Initiatives

Making a difference through Fatherhood training in the Agricultural Sector.

The ABBA Initiatives (“ABBA”) initially incubated in AFGRI, now a standalone company, was conceived out of three components, firstly AGH asking how it with over 90 years’ experience in the agricultural space in Africa can become a Food Security Enabler in Africa, secondly much prayer, seeking a sustainable solution for agriculture in Africa, as many other efforts have not yielded the results, and then putting our prayer answers and knowledge into action. This has led us to understand that through agriculture, discipleship, mentorship and incubation ABBA Initiatives can become an enabler to sustainable food security with a single injection of capital into projects across the African continent. The ABBA Initiative is using agriculture to change individuals who change families, who change communities, who change nations. The goal is the generate productive individuals in the entire agricultural value chain as we believe that primary productivity can lead to industrialization. We are now ready to expand this outside our trial areas such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, and now just require the correct funding to making a true and lasting impact in Africa and the world.


We seek like-minded funding partners interested in leaving a legacy on the Continent of Africa by supporting our ABBA Initiatives that makes use of the continent’s rich agricultural resources whilst placing a specific focus on the well-being of the People of Africa to turn this once known as the dark continent into the continent of light as Africa becomes productive to be the future bread basket of the World.

ABBA takes a holistic approach using agriculture as a foundation to empower the people of Africa through personal mentoring and training, discipleship, education and healthcare to become self-sustainable productive enterprises in the agricultural sector as well as dignified family units.

The program is not only addressing 17 of the 17 sustainable development goals as set out by the United Nations, but each ABBA project is unique in that it is structured to address the specific needs and circumstances of the people involved.

For example:

  • We focus on the training in commercial farming of nutritional crops to break the cycle of hunger and add to being an enabler of Food Security across the Continent.
  • We then look at the farming of higher value crops longer term crops even on smaller portions of land and in that manner, we are making war against poverty

Just with the two above points we are making war against two great enemies of Africa namely hunger and poverty.

  • We are taking agriculture and technology into Urban areas starting with home gardens and then into Aquaponics, with a specific focus on youth and widows. We mentor and teach unemployed community members how to farm and thereby creating jobs and offering opportunities to them to become entrepreneurial sustainable small agricultural enterprises. Job creation serves as a tool to prevent crime.

We are convinced that ABBA Initiatives can and will change the face pf Africa. With this calling, we now call on like-minded funding partners who may be interested in investing in ABBA, working together we can tackle the issues plaguing our continent, through Fathering, Love, mentorship and incubation in a commercially sustainable fashion – a continent that will by 2050 hold over 70% of the world’s working age population.

ABBA Initiative “Love without Borders” video: 

It is time to no longer “Love the Land and Manage the People”  but to “Love the People and Manage the Land”.