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Africa Geo-Environmental Engineering and Science (AGES)

Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals works in collaboration to integrate natural resources, economic and social development and the environment, contributing to building sustainable and resilient communities.

In AGES, the value of your true identity is a daily realization; living your purpose with passion in everything you do. We value relationships and believe in the power of unity through diversity.



Together we are changing the lives of especially poor and disadvantaged people in a very significant and practical manner as we render services to support the development of basic human needs with the main aim to enhance the dignity of the people. The focus of any technical project remains the community, as the end user.

Within our responsibility to reign on earth and to be stewards of its resources, we implement practical solutions within the African context.

AGES is part of  the Touching Africa non-profit organisation, with a vision to contribute to sustainable growth and development in Africa; to ultimately realise the full potential and calling of Africa on a global scale.

Purpose with Passion for ages!

Since 1989

AGES subscribes to Touching Africa’s operating principles and is also part of the Kgoma Africa group of companies.