The King’s Institute

The establishment and development of a Higher Education Institution that render quality Biblical, Christ-centred Tertiary Education in order to equip students to take their place and BE THE LIGHT in society. 

The single greatest desire of The King’s Institute is to bring Glory to God in all that we say and do.

The vision is to establish an institute of higher education to equip students. They must then take their place within the 12 gates of society and consequently shine the light of His glory on all.

With this in mind, seven faculties are identified that will be pursued in a scalable model:

  1. Education and Training;
  2. Farming;
  3. Business and Entrepreneurship;
  4. Basic Healthcare;
  5. Entertainment, Sport and Arts;
  6. Information Technology; and
  7. Social Development.

A blended online system allows contact time at schools and companies under the guidance of a mentor. Meanwhile, academic work will come through an online platform. This will unfold in a studio scenario during which a student learns by working and work by learning. Each faculty will have its own time requirements as per the program. Schools, in the form of teacher intern training centres, will host the Education Faculty. Thus, these schools will supply the necessary infrastructure that will breach the need for a singular campus model and development.

Project status: Registration and development phase

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