Corporate and Business Services to the Network

The Touching Africa Corporate and Business Services (C&BS) Co-operative is responsible to develop SERVICES for the Touching Africa Network. The following SERVICES are in place:

Vision-based Business Leadership Training with emphasis on “fatherhood development of fathers” to capacitate leaders to lead their organisations.

Business growth opportunities and connecting services rendered by members as services required by members. This lead to participation in projects, marketing of services and opportunities, and exposure to each other as members of the network.

The structuring and management of funds:

  • The structuring of donations which support the Touching Africa vision (vision-based contributions), heart giving (philanthropic-based contributions) or contributions to address specific identified needs or projects as section 18A tax-deductible and incentive donations.
  • The structuring of funds contributing to Black Supplier and Enterprise Development as well as Socio-Economic Development to adhere to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment compliance requirements (BBBEE).
  • The structuring of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds and project development in compliance with the Mining Charter, or to address specific needs without direct benefit to the contributor. This also includes self-regulated CSR as well as Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funding and project development to give expression to social accountability or improve the lot of others without direct self-benefit.
  • Assistance with private investment opportunities built into vision-based projects and business development where funding takes place within a safe environment with a return on investment.
  • The management of public funds and private financial grants allocated to facilitate specific goals or incentivised performance, aimed at specific effective, sustainable and market-related applications within a vision-driven, responsible ethos-based framework of integrity.

Project Management Services include identifying, developing, obtaining funding and implementing projects. 


Close cooperation between the Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) Cooperative Bank and the Touching Africa Development Trust leads to the establishment of a tailor-shaped portfolio of financial services and cooperative banking facilities available to members of the Touching Africa network.

The Touching Africa GIG Cooperative Bank is co-operative owned by all the members having one vote per member, regardless the financial value of participation. Own products can be created within the legal framework of a co-operative bank and as defined and required by the members. Specific tailor shaped products are therefore created within the Touching Africa Portfolio on the bank platform. It is a non-transactional bank with a focus on savings and loans with a proven record over a decade and under management of a competent team and a board with well-established depth.

The following Touching Africa GIG Cooperative Bank products are available:


The Touching Africa Development Fund (TADF) is an internal fund exclusively for use by Premium Corporate Members of Touching Africa. It is structured as seed funding for approved projects and business initiatives that are initiated by Premium Corporate Members in the Touching Africa Network.

The fund consists of:

  • A minimum of 50% of the membership fee and financial contributions by Premium Corporate Members.
    (Members will have a choice to receive yearly membership invoices, article 18-A tax incentive certificate or a combination - depending on their request).
  • Donations from various members that sow into the Touching Africa vision through contributions to this fund
    (with the issue of a section 18-A tax incentive certificate by Touching Africa).
  • Donations and financial contributions from outside the Touching Africa vision contribution to the fund
    (with the issue of section 18-A tax incentive certificate or other required documentation by Touching Africa).

The TADF is managed according to all South African legal requirements and guarantees by the Touching Africa GIG Cooperative Bank, with allocations made according to set criteria by the TADF committee consisting of representatives of the Touching Africa Board and the GIG Wealth representative.

  • The criteria for fund allocation will be based on the following:
    • Seed funding for approved projects and business initiatives initiated by a Premium Corporate Member.
    • Funding of actions that will lead to a sound investment opportunity.
    • Actions that will advance the Kingdom of God in society.
    • All criteria to be met related to the issuing of a Sections 18-A tax incentive certificate.  



The Touching Africa Investment Fund (TAIF) will be established as an unregulated internal fund available to Premium Corporate Members to pool resources to invest in services and opportunities that stem from the business activities of the members. This can range from the provision of bridging capital, buying invoices, insurance and any other product/service that would have been outsourced to uninvolved third parties in the past.

The TAIF will be managed by a committee consisting of representatives of the Touching Africa Board, the GIG Wealth representative and specialists sourced by the Premium Corporate Members. The TAIF committee will be responsible to evaluate all loan applications by premium members and to ensure the implementation of strict financial rules to ensure the credibility of all applicants, and sustainable investment options. It will also be responsible to ensure the best growth on the TAIP including the following options:

  • Interest on loans rendered to Premium members for business financing.
  • Equity growth in project ownership submitted to Premium Members for investment purposes.
  • Investment of funds into Gold and silver.
  • Buying into alternative financial platforms (including virtual asset investment, digital banking platforms etc.)



The Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending facility enables Premium Corporate Members to obtain loans directly from each other within a secured, well-managed, institutional space. This facility allows related parties to go into peer-to-peer transactions. A P2P transaction creates a win-win situation for the borrower as well as the investor. The borrower pays a lower interest rate than at a commercial bank and the investor receives a better return on investment at a lower risk.



The Workers Empowerment Package (WEP) package enables workers with a monthly gross income of less than R10 000 to have access to financial literacy and wealth creation through effective saving, financial training and interest-free loans. This benefit aims to encourage workers to save money and practice sound financial management. This feature is available to the workers of Corporate members and Premium Corporate members. A savings account will be available to each worker at a discounted rate of R70 per person. The account enables every individual to save money at a high interest rate. It will enable individuals to borrow 2 times the saved money at a 0% interest rate, after a minimum of 12 months of saving. The employees will get access to training material and employers are encouraged to intentionally train their workers in financial management and wealth accumulation.