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The Touching Africa Kingdom Conference – Community


The Touching Africa Kingdom Conference 2022 was an important event and a milestone in the rolling out of the bigger picture of God’s Kingdom reality on earth at a practical level. The conference, held on 23 September, was attended by professional and business people from a wide range of sectors, as well as farmers, entrepreneurs, educators, full-time ministers, and students.

Our theme was the Kingdom of God and the practical implication for us – the Kingdom “as in heaven, so also on earth”. Our focus (from 1 Cor 2:5-10) was to build our faith not on the “wisdom of men” like the world and its leaders are doing, but on the “power of God” – a secret hidden, “which God decreed before the ages for our glory”. Therefore, our expectation is “what no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined”!

The Touching Africa community

It was evident from the conference that the relationships within the Touching Africa NETWORK are growing stronger. We experience the reality that people who share a Kingdom Vision, is taking hands and share their dreams. We are growing from a network to a “community”! This is best defined by the feedback from Hannes Pretorius (MD Foundation, Ficksburg) in describing the “Touching Africa Community” as follows:

Description of the Touching Africa Community by Hannes Pretorius

There is a place on earth at the Southern tip of Africa, where a PECULIAR people lives and call it “HOME”. These people have a unique vision for the FUTURE, and they live this vision daily in the BELIEF that it will create a NEW COMMUNITY.  A HOME that is created out of LOVE for their CREATOR and one another. Upon these pillars of LOVE, and with a heart of servanthood and responsibility, this community aspires to create a NEW SOCIETY. A society that can serve the needy, tend to the weak and protect the vulnerable. A SOCIETY within which they can all feel included, safe, and secure to be able to PROSPER.

Out of this home, filled with LOVE, FORGIVENESS, SERVANTHOOD, and RESPONSIBILITY, flows an attitude of THANKFULNESS. They are thankful that the WEAK and VULNERABLE can prosper and grow and be part of their NEW SOCIETY and create HOPE for their COUNTRY.

This community knows that their country needs an example of the IMPOSSIBLE BEING POSSIBLE…. And they have positioned themselves to be this solution: the IMPOSSIBLE BECOMING POSSIBLE. They do not see the current decay and destruction in their community as their norm and that is why they are willing to pay the price of unselfishness to create the NEW NORM. A community to the LIKENESS of those envisioned by their CREATOR, even before creation. A community where EVERYONE uses their unique ability to improve the lives of all in the community.

Because of this ability to see the Future Home, they respect one another and the current authorities and work in harmony with them towards a common goal. They all work together daily to achieve this Dream for the betterment of the whole community by believing in the Spiritual promises and the invisible as if it is already there.


We see the Touching Africa Community as a cornerstone to the new Kingdom-based society in Africa – a new reality for all who call Africa our Home!

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