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By Ané Massyn

Greenline ETC is an entrepreneurship training centre in Midvaal next to the R59. The centre’s vision is to draw Kingdom-minded individuals into the business environment one student at a time. The mission of the centre is to restore and rebuild the hearts and identities of all our students while equipping them to live a full life rooted in Christ.

Greenline ETC students in front of the building

We run after this mission by focusing on improving the employability of individuals and equipping students for junior management positions by means of our medium-term courses, specifically the Workplace Readiness Course. During this course, our facilitators purposefully seek God’s heart for all our students. This enables us to affirm the identities of our students and evoke their curiosity for the Word. Students are also empowered with practical skills and soft skills aimed at guiding them toward a Kingdom-minded business perspective and inspiring a deeper desire for a relationship with God. The natural outflow of this strategy is a change in attitude and perspective of every student and a 100% employment rate after the successful completion of this course.

The Workplace Readiness course is not the only course provided at Greenline ETC. The founder and lifelong entrepreneur, Pieter Massyn, is constantly networking and communicating with businessmen in the Midvaal area to identify and address skills mismatches. To date, nine different courses are available at Greenline ETC to address the identified mismatches. We expect more courses to become part of the centre as the needs of employers change.

The training centre also offers weekend markets, holiday programmes for high school students, venue bookings and archery. This is used to reach out, connect, empower and develop all our surrounding communities. The objective of these initiatives is to create a family-friendly environment where children and parents can find rest. It is also a dream of ours to open our facilities to businesses and be a place where businesses can enjoy the outdoors and have teambuilding activities.

Archery Session

Greenline ETC is passionate about empowering people to live a full life rooted in Christ and welcomes activities that involve bringing joy to our surrounding communities. If you’re ever in the area you are more than welcome to stop by and see what new project or initiative we are busy with.

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