Kingdom Conference: The driving force in the community

A community on the move

Understanding Touching Africa as a community on the move – as a train on its tracks, pulling different carriages from different sectors of life, it becomes important to know what the driving force, the “coal for the train” is comprised of. What is the driving force and energy which enables the train to move forward? An important aspect which emerged from the conference, is the realisation that money is not the driving force of the train, as it is for the world! Our driving force is not project funds – but the power God has invested in us to:

  • walk in the authority of the Kingdom of God in this world – an authority that no money can buy,
  • build trust relationships that are founded on God’s righteousness,
  • to have a ONENESS with each other and others as part of the corporate Body of Christ,
  • to act according to God’s LOVE for the world in our hearts.

With this power, we TRUST God for movement on the right time, the right place on the right tracts to bring the Kingdom of God to this world. Our vision is therefore not driven by available funds but by an absolute TRUST in God that He will provide that which was decreed before the ages – things we cannot even imagine! This is in complete contrast with the World, and we need to build our faith on “the unseen” and what was never even part of our imagination!

In Touching Africa, we therefore give what we have in hands, and the driving force is not to gain! This is in contrast with the world where the value of currency is founded on the principle of TRADE. To bring Kingdom, we should replace TRADE with GIVING. As this does not make economic sense, we must seek God’s WISDOM in this regard. By giving ourselves, our time, our goods, and money not for TRADE but for unconditional GIVING, we will break the power of money over us.

In Touching Africa, we can only do this as we realise that we are not here to gain, but to give, we are not here to WIN something, but to lose our lives – for the sake of the reality of GOD’s Kingdom. It is not about the building of our own kingdoms, but to build the Kingdom of God. Then we reach the real point of departure into a new dispensation – to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

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