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Zambian SUPA Agricultural Zone Development Project

SUPA Agricultural Zone

Based on a Kingdom-vision and calling, Benji Du Preez and his family moved to Southern Zambia and settled on the banks of the Zambezi River, with a dream to make a difference more than a decade ago. Born in South Africa, predestined to help the poor as a family, they recognised the Touching Africa Foundation Trust as a vehicle to host a Kingdom-vision of “being” and bringing Kingdom reality to Africa in a very practical way.

As the “frontline” of Touching Africa Zambia, the team on ground level started interacting with the local people, learning the Lozi language and obtained a small piece of land on the eastern bank of the Zambezi River approximately 30 Km north of Katima Mulilo, a town on the Namibian side of the border with Zambia. From the desire to BE THERE and doing what they live for, they established a small farming operation with the consent of the Local Traditional Authority. This operation developed over the last 10 years to a well-established farm. Some of the food products that are farmed include pumpkin, tomato, butternut, watermelon, and cabbage.

Ahava School

As education and basic healthcare is part of the vision, a local school (Ahavah School) and clinical facilities were developed on the farm, and a holistic approach to “care for the people” is part of the farming model.
It is always an astonishing experience to visit this farm and see the total dedication of the local people working as partners on the land, and their excitement to learn more of the KINGDOM and the WORD of God on a practical level each day

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