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A blessed harvest in Zambia

The Du Preez family is truly a blessing to the people in Zambia as they share God’s love and allow God to restore hope in the peoples’ hearts. The dream of bringing ‘long-term change’ in poor communities is being realised through training and community projects. The local people are guided in a new way of thinking – God’s way. They are also learning how to help themselves which allows them to experience prosperous lives.

With a background of involvement in various efforts to help less privileged populations in different areas of Africa, Benjie du Preez and his family ventured into Zambia in an effort to improve life-conditions for the local Lozi people. As before, agricultural and wildlife conservation training is the base of his work there. The keywords are integration, involvement, and interaction in order to establish long-term solutions and help bring long-term change.

All members of the Du Preez family’ have given their lives to ‘be the light’ to the people in Zambia. They are continuously enriching the lives of people in the community by sharing the love and grace of God. All three children are sharing in this passion in their own unique way. Louwnique has finished school and is serving in the community, Ben (Jnr) is taking ownership and leadership as a hard-working farmer and Zoe is the founder and teacher of Ahava school of love.

The Du Preez family has been guiding and educating the Local Lozi people in sustainable farming. The past season, the harvest on the Eastern banks of the Zambesi River has been blessed in abundance (as seen in the photos). The food products consist of pumpkin, tomato, butternut, watermelon, and cabbage. The products are transported by drivers on the farm to various places in Zambia – across the river, with a truck to Shesheke as well as to local markets.

Currently, the farmers and workers are planting again and are in great expectation for yet another miraculous harvest at the end of the season. The farming program by Benji and his family is supported by AFGRI through the ABBA program and we honor them for their vision and passion to make a difference in Africa! Their financial and technical input is raising the project to a next level and giving hope to many Lozi people in Zambia!

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