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Seboni vegetable garden

Touching Africa has been supporting a vegetable garden project at Naledi Christian Academy in Ikageng Extension 11 since 2015. The vision of this project is to empower unemployed people, to train people to trade and to provide food for the school, that currently has approximately 100 pupils. The school needs a certain amount of vegetables each week and the rest are sold in Ikageng Extension 11.

There are thirty vegetable capsules/domes as well as another piece of land planted with vegetables. Seboni vegetable garden holds great opportunity for expansion, as there is a total of 1.3 hectares available for growing vegetables, of which merely 10% is currently being used. There is a need for more volunteers to be trained in vegetable production and trading.

To successfully continue the program, the volunteers require financial support to some extent, as sales are not yet sufficient to sustain them. Seeds, seedlings and compost are needed too. We are also considering supplying the project with a chicken coop or two and chickens in the future, to provide the school with eggs.

R150 can provide 10 children with vegetables for a month.

For more information, please contact Mari van der Westhuizen: 018 297 6588.

Donations can be made through PayFast:


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