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At Ahavah School

At Ahavah School, we believe that education and compassion cultivate students’ souls,
evoking truth, goodness, wisdom, curiosity; so that in Christ they may enjoy and marvel at
the works of God.

We cherish the notion of excellence, teaching that it is autonomous and achievable
anywhere regardless of circumstances. Excellence is and can only be achieved by a solid
foundation lain on our ambition to be more Christ-like. Ahavah school, first and foremost, is
a structured safe place that perpetuates a sense of consistency (a crucial aspect in early
child development) that uses education as the instrument to reach out to the youth in the

Zoe du Preez started Ahava school a couple of years ago, having a passion and love for
the community and the next generation. Johan de Beer took over the role of headmaster at
the start of 2021. He has experience in community development and has previously been a
vice principal in a school in China.

Currently we have 15 students at Ahavah School, divided between kindergarten and
primary education. Our first term has concluded, and we celebrate and give thanks for the
success and progress of our students.

The first term required adjustment from the students
with a new Headmaster and falling back into a structured routine after lockdown. However,
the students were extraordinary in their capacity to adapt and flourish, being motivated by
an abnormal eagerness to learn. Our local teacher, Pamela, is teaching the kindergarten
section of the school and has been doing an amazing job. Pamela is receiving training
Monday to Friday, and it is incredible to see God’s calling over her life starting to manifest.
The first term has really been an awakening in the children’s lives regarding what it means
to be a servant leader, an intercessor, and an inquisitor. We constantly provide
opportunities for students to develop leadership by serving one another in and outside of
class. The primary students have been developing intercession skills for their country and
continent by receiving a specific word for Zambia, this word is the theme through the week
during discipleship/intercession time. Science experiments have been playing a major role
in class, motivating students to question events in their everyday life. We are showing them
how natural events, such as thunderstorms occur through experiments. This allows them to
see the beauty of the creation while removing any cultural superstitions attached to such

Another new aspect of Ahavah School is based on the Biblical principle of the reward
system, as we are rewarded for our faith, we believe the students should be rewarded for

their commitment and hard work. Hard work, completing activities, helping teacher and
friends, good attitudes and cleanliness reward the children with a star. Stars are traded for
one piece of currency (Ahavah Kwachas), their Ahavah Kwachas can be used at the school
shop to purchase candy, puzzles, toys etc. It also establishes a wide variety of financial and
communication skills at an early age.

Kids are the future leaders, chiefs, and indunas of the communities; to change and uplift
rural Africa one must inspire and equip the youth to be the forerunners of their own change
in their lives and communities.

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