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Broad Enterprise Empowerment Program 2020

The Touching Africa Initiative (TAI) has a vision and focus to “touch” Africa to the extent where Africa grows towards its global potential.

In 2020, we are re-embarking on a program that will empower entrepreneurs to become a sustainable contributor to the business sector – the Broad Enterprise Empowerment Program called: “BEEP”

Our approach is to lead people to TRADE rather than to just give AID. We will be providing business support and assisting entrepreneurs to develop new businesses focusing mostly on leading them to their purpose.

We have an exciting program lying ahead.

  • The kickoff date will be on the 7th of February 2020.
  • 20 individuals will be recruited.
  • The program will consist of practical assessments and computer simulations
  • The guest speakers are forces to be reckoned with. The will be covering topics such as
    • The Fundamentals of Business
    • Financial Management
    • Managing People and Time
    • Startups, Funding and many more
  • These entrepreneurs will graduate from this BEEP program on the 14th of November at the Touching Africa Gala Evening in 2020.

Please provide us with the contacts of individuals who would like to form part of the BEEP program.

Contact Louisa Ralepelle @:

079123745 or

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