Ernie Strydom


EL-ARC Architects started operating in October 2000. The company renders professional services in the built environment,
including extensive expertise and experience in planning, design,
documentation, administration and project management. We are
based in Polokwane and have completed numerous projects across
South Africa.
We firmly believe in a sustainable approach to the built
environment. Every project adheres to the three pillars of

1. Ecological aspects

  • We seek to integrate buildings and
    landscapes with natural systems.
  • Environmental protection,
    restoration and conservation.

2. Social aspects

  • Through social inclusion, we
    contribute to a more humane
  • Heritage and cultural identity
    contribute greatly to the design

3. Economic aspects

  •  Cost effective design.
  • We intend to promote profitability
    and growth through architecture.

Every building, landscape and public space is responsibly designed to fit
in seamlessly within its greater context with the aim to contribute to the
dynamic development of our country.

We embrace Africa’s unique cultural diversity.

Our values

  • God is our source and provider.
  • We value each person with dignity and respect
  • We utilize our God-given talents and resources, aiming to
    design creative solutions to practical issues on site.
  • Unashamedly Ethical.

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