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Bojanala North Rural Development Programme

In the previous TAG, we wrote about a village by the name of Siga where we are attempting to provide dignity through dignified water and sanitation provision in conjunction with a communal agricultural project. The Siga project is a pilot for a larger national programme of which the Bojanala North Programme is seen as a regional pilot.

With similar aims on a regional level and groundwater as a basis for development, the Bojanala Programme aims to incorporate 38 villages, amounting to approximately 21,500 households, and in the order of 700 hectares of intensive irrigation into a regional groundwater scheme. We are extremely fortunate to work hand in hand with Mr. Dube from MOSIAMISE to initiate a project of such magnitude with the aim of touching Africa. This project will enable a small patch of Africa, neglected for years, to realize its potential and become a role-player as it rightfully should. 

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