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Good day – My name is Dr. Rassie

I have been a medical doctor active in private practice for the past 30 years. My daily duties include general medicine, small surgeries, theatre work and obstetrics.

When I started out as a young doctor fresh out of school 30 years ago, my focus was on helping people. One of my main goals, however, was also to make money to be able to reach some worldly goals I set for myself in life.

I have been a believer in Jesus Christ since grade 4, and god and his word have always been important sections of my life. However, 15 years ago, god, his kingdom and his plans became my life and my ministry in all areas of my being.

God pressed it on my heart to change my every day and my practice to serve and honour him, his glory and his kingdom. We started to play Christian videos and music in the practice and to have bibles on the tables. Two to three times in our busy day, God would open a conversation with a patient about him and his plan for their lives and their struggles. In these times, I shut down from the world around me and only allow the Holy Spirit to minister to this person through me in the way he sees fit.

Twice a week, we are blessed to have a wonderful, truly devoted and wise lady in the practice, counselling people within the truths of the word. This woman has previously been a full sangoma; she lost 5 children to the grave; she was hungry and beaten by her husband when she was young; she speaks the people’s language – thus, she is truly able to have compassion with people and their struggles.

It is now impossible for me to go into my day and my job without the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. My first “job” today at home and in the workplace is to serve and honour Jesus and to live and bring the father’s love and his kingdom to a broken and starving world, and secondly to help the people as a doctor.

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