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The Lord has rapidly and yet so gracefully been expanding Liseli Farms and Ahavah School
into new territories in Zambia.

Ahavah School has recently grown its family to twenty students, with the addition of a new
local teacher that shows immense promise. Currently we have three teachers, two being local
and one from South Africa. Each has their own class with a different level schooling that
provides the opportunity to increase the school’s capacity. In the past students have been
mostly from employees of Liseli Farms, and we believe that the Lord is calling us to allow the
overflow to wash into the villages. This is an extremely exciting season we are entering,
especially having recently started a feeding project at the school. Our children are now
receiving warm meals packed with nutrition during lunch time. The teachers, together with the
children, have started a vegetable garden to help sustain the feeding project, as well as
introducing agricultural skills and farming God’s way. The new season Ahavah School is
entering will allow our blessings and abundance to reach out into new territories where the
need is the greatest.

Just as we feel the Lord leading the school into broader territories, Liseli foundation has
started actively engaging in the development of churches in the communities. We feel called
upon to assist the local churches in any capacity possible to establish and strengthen the
body of Christ in the region. Thus far, we have been able to provide new chairs, concrete
floors, food donations and tin roofs to churches in the region. We trust that the Lord will
provide us the necessary means to further expand His kingdom in the region.

On the muddier side of the things, Liseli Farms is establishing a network of poultry production
as a tool in poverty alleviation and creating food security in the area. We are nearing the
completion of our poultry pens and then we will receive our first two-hundred chicks. After
raising the chicks for four weeks until they are capable of fending for themselves, certain
identified villages will receive chickens. These villages are then encouraged to sell back the
eggs to Liseli Farms so they may be sold in town at Liseli Farms’ produce store. We believe
this project will be a substantial contributor to elevating the living standards of villages through
providing new methods of income and food security.

In preparation for the scorching summer, season Liseli Farms is busy preparing to cultivate
sweet watermelons, a favourite in Sesheke town. Regarding other farming developments,
Liseli Farm is busy preparing the ground for more citrus and pecan orchards that will be
planted in the coming months. Our feeding for the elderly project is continuing strong, with
Mondays dedicated to elevating the elderly women in our community. This is a large need in

our area, and we are identifying the elderly women with the largest need by exchanging small
and easy labour for warmsmeals and daily wages.

This is merely a brief introduction of the all events here at Liseli Farms and Ahavah School.
We can’t wait to testify of His goodness and mercy in our projects and lives in future TAGS.
Until then, may His goodness and mercy follow you!

Prayer requests: for the expansion of land so that His vision may be expanded. For the
development and success of Liseli Farm’s produce store in Katima Mulilo. For the
poultry project to have a God centered focus from the villagers. For the increase of
Ahavah School’s capacity to enroll His chosen students. For Ahavah School’s feeding
project and vegetable garden.

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