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It has been a race to the finish line with the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality Drought Relief Program, with field teams leaving in the early hours of the morning and returning late at night as well as meetings and weekly progress reports, and the geohydrological team coordinating testing rigs all day and night!

The office team capturing data, arranging for accommodation for the field teams at a moment’s notice, maps compiled, report templates developed and excel data spreadsheets moving from one work station to the next. All like an assembly line in the production of a state of the art solution towards the relief of drought in the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality

A total of 30 village clusters were surveyed in the local municipalities of Tswaing, Ditsobotla and Ratlou. It took 2 Isuzu double cab Bakkies, 1 Ford Bakkie, 1 Toyota Land cruiser, 1 Mahindra Scorpio, 1 Land Rover Free Lander, 1 Opel Corsa , 1 Mazda 2, Mazda Sting-323, 1 Toyota Fortuner and 1 Toyota Yaris and a lot of driving to travel over 26 000 kilometres (26840km) in three months for surveying, meetings, drilling supervision, geophysical work, retrieving of water samples at testing rigs and taking the samples to the lab.

A total of 242 boreholes were surveyed, 81 pumps and 31 drillings (re-drilling and new drillings) conducted. We had to enlist the services of 8 testing rigs and 4 drilling rigs in order to complete the mammoth task. We are nearing the finish line and all the fieldwork is done. It was a great learning curve for me and blessing to be allowed the opportunity to learn.

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