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Missio Dei School

Quality education remains a challenge in rural communities. Children are faced with numerous hardships such as transportation to and from school, and sub-standard levels of education. Language remains a key issue as children in rural areas are not exposed to language development beyond a conversational level in their mother tongue. All these setbacks have a snowball effect, leading to unemployability; which in turn, further entrenches numerous socio-economic issues.

In 2012, we were motivated by these issues, and we established our school in the rural community, starting with a pre-primary (ages 4-5) and grade R (aged 6) class. Our aim was to raise the standard of education and to grow the school as the children move on to the next level. We soon realized that the task at hand was one of mammoth proportions. A shed on one of the farms was allocated to develop the school, since it was strategically located at the centre of our community. Several volunteers stepped in and aided in all facets of the operation. Today we are humbled to say that we have 120 children enrolled at our school. Our personnel include 10 full-time teachers and one administrative manager.

In the future, we would like to formalise our school project into a complete and fully equipped primary school. Furthermore, we would like to establish further skills-development programs which would cater for children who are academically hindered from progressing to high school. Another future endeavour is the establishment of sports and training facilities. Additionally, we would like to expand our transportation system to and from school, which would extend the effective range of our project.

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