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Touching Africa Leadership Workshop

The 2018 Touching Africa Leadership workshop was held on Friday, the 16th of November at the beautiful Lekwena Wildlife Estate on the outskirts of Potchefstroom. Approximately 30 delegates, traveling from as far afield as Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg met together to discuss the vision of Touching Africa and the way forward. Top of the agenda for the day was the proposed Touching Africa Co-operative Bank – before we started, we had an opportunity to share who we all are, and what we sensed that the LORD was saying to us that was pertinent to the day’s discussion. Once again, it was thrilling to see how the conversations lead from one to another – building a picture in our minds that reflects what He is saying to us.

The discussion started with an exhortation to direct our passion to “touch Africa”, to make a difference into the communities of Africa. This will require us to stand up and DO! The challenge we face, however, is somewhat like the bent fingers that cast a shadowy picture onto the wall from our childhood days. The twisted fingers in the foreground look nothing like the reflected image projected onto the wall – into the future, as it were. In obedience and faith – we do what we are directed to do, it doesn’t always look like a recognisable image – but we know that reflected by the Light and amplified in time – the image takes on a reality that is clearer, larger, more focused – an eternal, Spiritual Dimension.

We also recognised that God chose to create man, and it is in the flesh that HE made himself known. It becomes increasingly more significant that everything we DO in the physical – must reflect the spiritual reality within Touching Africa. Part of this means that it becomes important that we activate the diversity within the whole BODY of Touching Africa – we harness the energy of youth and reflect the wisdom of the older and the wiser people to lead us toward the fulfilling the vision to Touch Africa.

The picture in our minds drew out the realisation that as we activate each other, we ignite the purpose within this diverse BODY – we will be the LIGHT in the darkness. We, as Touching Africa are then in a position to activate a “corporate light” in a corporate world that is cloaked in darkness.

The Word and Vision segment of the workshop was closed with a prophetic image of the servant Ox drawing a plough through the fertile soils of Africa, directed by the farmer. Firstly, it is important to note that each role player has a part to play toward fulfillment of purpose – the ox has a job to do, the plough has a job to do, and the farmer has a job to do. We will need to apply understanding and wisdom in the application of the image. The fields are the fertile soils of Africa, waiting for the seed – made productive by cultivation. The plow that turns the soil is the technology of the age, driven and directed by the farmer on his land. Finally, the red Afrikaaner Ox which draws the plough is the impetus of Touching Africa – providing the spiritual direction – serving – yes, touching Africa.

Leadership Workshop – Practical Outcome (Stephan Potgieter)

Based on the solid spiritual foundation as noted by Robert and Susan Crosby (pages 6-7), the further development of the different cooperatives as part of the bank was discussed and workshopped in more detail under the guidance of Stephan Pretorius. Theo van Wyk and Theo Joubert both reported on the practical, institutional and technical reality of establishing the bank. Without going into the detail in this communique, it is important to note that the worldly banking systems as we know it today will change, and what we are doing here is game-changing, probably also laying the foundation for an alternative economy.

The workshop concluded with the following main outcomes:

• Proceed with the establishment of the bank as a matter of urgency (instruction to register the bank was given on 30 November 2018)

• Cultivate the principle to bring something to the “Touching Africa table” and add value to the network members (see an example by Villa Ukuthula on pages 16-19)

• Activate the culture and necessary arrangements to make financial contributions to Touching Africa in order to be able to continue with the establishment of the bank and to keep community projects running (see the new debit order system details on page 9)

• There is a need for effective communication between network members and you are invited to share ideas and systems for consideration for such a cause in 2019.

The statement on our new website (currently in the process of updating) says it all:


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