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Touching the City of Tshwane

Hanneke Pretorius

A recent project completed through the co-operation between several
Touching Africa Network associates is a demonstration of how we can
make a difference by working together. This is evident from a Disaster
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment project completed for the City of
Tshwane, by DMS NPC (Disaster Management Solutions, a non-profit
company) and AGES (Africa Geo-environmental and Engineering
Through this co-operation, it was possible to apply international best
practices within the South African Disaster Risk Management
As partners within the Touching Africa network, DMS, NPC and AGES
Alpha are looking forward to changing the way municipalities tackle their
disaster risk management practices– to become hands-on so that not
only legal requirements are met, but also enhancing communities’
resilience on a practical level through skills and training and involvement
throughout the project.

By integrating Disaster Risk Management (DRM) efforts into
development planning, service delivery can be improved (i.e.
enhancing services delivered where they exist, and delivering new
services where there are gaps). Preparedness, response and recovery
plans must be developed and implemented for all priority disaster risks
that cannot be prevented (i.e. those derived from natural hazards).
For more information about Disaster Risk Management, as well as DMS
NPC and AGES, please read the TAG (July/August edition 2020).

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