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A new development in Training Services by Touching Africa

The collaboration between different businesses in the Touching Africa Association has led to an exciting new training and skills development opportunity. This training can be used by other organisations and associates to develop personnel and implement the necessary skills in their businesses. This project was started purely due to the need in the marketplace as part of the BEE requirements and the challenges faced by businesses today. The company Kgoma Africa has partnered up with local and national training providers to develop the training program according to all entities needs. Kgoma Africa has further partnered up with experienced and seasoned BEE Consultants and verification agencies in order to provide you (our clients) with a reasonable, reliable and holistic solution.  These partners to Kgoma Africa offer their services, trusted expertise and personnel in this regard. The end product is compliance with the very onerous Skills Development priority element as well as maximizing your BBBEE Spend to get the best possible BEE Scorecard and compliance level. The program was kick-started by the request from numerous clients and role-players to the BBBEE processes. We plan to extend this program to provide our clients with a “one-stop shop” for all their BBBEE and training needs. Any business that wants to participate in this program may contact Christo Peens (082 933 8716) at Touching Africa.

This is a golden opportunity to grow your business, up-skill your staff and your managers while maximizing your BEE level and taking costs and resources into consideration.

We are looking forward to helping you with your BBBEE obligations.


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