Touching Africa Coffee

Our story is about having

‘goodness in every sip’.
Touching Africa now offers
your company
  • personalised
  • “company-branded” coffee

in packaging and quantities to suite your demand. By purchasing Touching Africa Coffee for your staff and clients, your company will be supporting farmers and communities at the source. We offer your company (real estate, dealership, bank, school, church, NGO, Sports team, union, club, etc.) and employees a simple and flexible subscription and direct delivery plan.

From the dark soil in which the coffee plant is nestled, to improving the lives and businesses of the coffee farmers.

We pay fair value and sow back into their farming operations with training, access to knowledge, equipment and support. Our fair value stretches beyond the source of our beans to reach the independent small roasters.

By specialising in direct trade with African coffee farmers, dealing with the same farmers and co-ops annually, and working to increase the number of beans purchased, we help to build trade relationships with these farmers and communities. We are able to actively see how purchases of Africa Fresh Coffee are directly benefitting the source.

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~ Our Coffee ~

We only offer Africa’s best coffees available to us directly from the Africa Coffee Belt countries ,100% Arabica, Single Origin, Direct Trade, Premium. We have a selection of carefully handcrafted blends, as well as premier single origin coffees.


We work exclusively with an award-winning, South African, small-batch, independent roasters. They are renowned for the care that they take during the roasting process – with absolutely NO additives, flavourants or any other processing aids added or used.



We guarantee that your coffee order will be delivered within a week of roasting. We freshly roast beans on order only – this means that the coffee pours better, holds its cream for longer and is filled with a rich and delicious flavour.


We have hand selected innovative, fun and creative coffee accessories that will elicit an “I want it!” reaction. Accessories include table top roasters, grinders, plungers, mugs, spoons, etc.

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