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Touching Africa Coffee

CP Barnard

Touching Africa (TA) is entering a new phase in its association with AFRICA FRESH COFFEE, an established supplier of Hand-crafted, Single Origin, Direct Trade, 100% Arabica Coffees. This simply means it is hand-grown, hand-picked, hand-sorted, hand-roasted and hand-packaged for your ultimate enjoyment.

By selling custom-branded coffee, we will have access to premium Coffee under the TA label that will benefit the TA community through brand equity and ongoing sales. To start off with, we will supply ground coffee in 250gram packages @ R80.

It all began in April 2010 when Hennie, on visiting the coffee farms high up in the Burundi mountains, saw how poor the farmers were, their lack of proper equipment, education, medical help and clean water; and pledged to make a difference in their lives.

This worthwhile initiative requires your support and will help specialise in direct trade with African coffee farmers, dealing with the same farmers and co-ops annually, and working to increase the number of beans purchased. We will help to build trade relationships with these farmers and communities and actively see how purchases of TA Fresh Coffee is directly benefitting the source. 

There are various initiatives to pursue, such as customized labels, year-end gifts – in a sense presenting ‘a business card with something valuable inside’ – by which TA will combine with other outlets such as “Die Groentetuin” who will deliver your coffee and vegetables to your door. More about this in the November edition of the TAG. 

What started a millennium ago in Ethiopia, has grown to 25 million households across the Africa Bean Belt, representing over 125 million people who are totally dependent on coffee farming. The African countries in the bean belt include Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and a few others. Each country produces a unique coffee flavour that is “crafted” by the environment that the plants grow in. 

In adopting this product as our coffee of choice, we will identify with and value:

 the uniqueness within Africa;

 the rich heritage that is represented

 in Africa’s diversity;

 each individual’s potential and

 contribution towards growth and

 prosperity within their communities 

This, we believe, will: 

 ensure that the people who grow the coffee beans to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Buying TA Fresh Coffee means you are supporting the development of communities at the source;

 assist Africa in serving the world with its abundance, but not at the cost of its own people and development; 

 replace exploitation with investment and mutually beneficial trade;

 promote Africa to become a giving continent, rather than a receiving continent

 assist that the wealth of Africa is primarily in its people and the God-given potential of Africa

AFRICA FRESH is about the perfect blend between the finest Africa produced coffee and a passion for the people and communities at SOURCE. Choose AFRICA FRESH and become a part of Coffee on a Mission – YOUR Coffee.

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