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The Anti bully project

The Bully problem in South Africa is the largest in the world; but also creates a huge opportunity to Impact our communities with Christian values and the gospel. One may be bullied with lies and or appearing facts, but the truth of God’s Word trumps both lies and facts.

Actor and Film maker, Jacques Gombault is spearheading this campaign with great effect in our schools. Short videos of his Impact at schools, as well as the trailers of the films he produced can be forwarded to people who are interested to learn more about this campaign.

What ensures his unique approach, being the field of his post graduate studies, is that his films and ministry focus’ on questions. Often sharing questions people did not even know they had – this creates Impact! 

It is more than just “hit and run” school visits. Schools receive:

  • Free Posters that strengthen the message of the school visit.
  • Free 16 page Full color booklets to every child in school.
  • The three films – with excerpts of the message – edited into 24 min episodes so schools can screen it in class.
  • Anti-bully pencil cases – that frankly have to be seen to be appreciated

The project does not only aim to make an impact, it will also generate funds for investors as

  • International distribution is in place.
  • Local distribution is in place through TV and Cinema.
  • The Billboards along our Highways are sponsored for 9 months in 2020.
  • Dean’s stationary will distribute the pencil cases – 240 000 per year.
  • A TV show is being developed that will drive this whole campaign for years

A lot more information can be provided if and as needed. Like-minded people wanting to get involved can contact Jacques Gombault ( or Stephan Potgieter ( directly.

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