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Touching Africa Cooperative Bank

We are in the process of working towards a DREAM in Touching Africa – the development of our own Bank, based on Kingdom Principles – as a major tool to “touch” and to make a difference in society.

In the process of developing our own bank, we have established the Touching Africa Cooperative UNIT consisting of a number of functional Co-operatives in our midst. These co-operatives involves a structured network of like-minded individuals, entities, businesses and organisations involved in various cooperatives with a shared vision to make a difference in the Africa society. Each co-operative has its own application and specialist field of operation, reflecting the diverse nature of all the different companies, organizations, entities and individuals supporting the Touching Africa Initiatives.

The following primary Touching Africa Cooperatives are representative of various market sectors or functions within Touching Africa and will be established under the following leadership:

1. Touching Africa Cooperate and Business Services (Huibre  Lambrecht)

2. Touching Africa Training and Education Services (Deon de Klerk)

3. Touching Africa Tourism (Stephan Pretorius Junior)

4. Touching Africa AGRI Services (Karel van Rooyen)

5. Touching Africa Municipal and Governmental Service Delivery (Thabo Ngoepe)

6. Touching Africa Regional and Land development services (Takutswa Taruza)

7. Touching Africa Branding and Marketing (Dawid Stolz)

8. Touching Africa Grey-Gold Services (Solomon Lyon)

9. Touching Africa Food-4-All (Saki Tlotleng)

These primary cooperatives are serviced by the following secondary and tertiary Cooperatives:

10. Touching Africa Financial and Wealth Management Services (Albert Stafford)

11. Touching Africa Financial Business Services

12. Touching Africa Cooperative bank as a tertiary Touching Africa cooperative.

The structure, strategy and operation of the Touching Africa Cooperative bank will be founded on Kingdom values. The purpose of the Bank will be to serve Touching Africa and associated broader community with excellent professional bank services in a non-profit environment, with the sole outcome to the benefit of the Africa Community.

Although we are still in the initial planning phase of this new development, we are excited to work together and aligned with the Co-operative Bank Act, No 40 of 2007, that allows the registration of such a bank as service to a “common membership in an association or organisation” as Touching Africa.

We are busy with the foundation and defining the purpose, operating principles and methodology of the Bank to reflect a Kingdom vision and to serve the people! Anyone that wants to partake in this process is welcome to contact me!

Please follow the development of this exciting process in the TAGs to come.

Contact Stephan Pretorius:


Basic Kingdom Priciples Applied to Touching Africa Co-operative Bank

  • We regard the LOVE of GOD as the answer to all challenges in society. In all operations, activities, and relationships we will strive to give expression to the LOVE of God in various practical ways
  • We will apply the power of righteousness in all our dealings, leading to peace and joy to all involved, an expression of the Kingdom of God on a practical level.
  • We are convinced that the reality of the BODY of Christ must be practically in function through what we do, as this reflects the DNA of God in society. We will, therefore, prioritise the principle of unity, sharing and networking to give expression to a BODY functionality

Taking up our social responsibility to “touch” Africa and making a difference

We will start small and grow bigger!

Our focus is on the community of Africa

We specialise in the bigger picture!!


Making lower banking cost and high-quality services possible

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