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The Bully Project

I once heard someone say: “Never miss out on a good crisis.”

Bullying is one such crisis that actually brings with it a huge opportunity. Only Christ will truly provide a solution to this problem.  In essence an individual gets bullied with lies, facts and fear but the truth of God’s Word trumps lies, facts and fear.

At its core, a bully and the victim of bullying, suffers from what I call “the half full glass syndrome.” The bully whose “glass” is not full thinks his “glass” will fill up if he bullies another’s “glass” empty. The victim allows that because his glass is half full. The fact is that only you can fill your “glass!” The simple solution would be to explain to students how they can “fill their own glasses.” That and much more is what the Stop-it bully campaign entails.

Part of the campaign is also to address the relationship issue amongst teenagers. Firstly, because that is often the root of the bully problem. Girls bully other girls because they frankly see them as “competition.” The flip side is that boys often do what they do to impress the girls – they think it makes them “cool!”

This campaign has effectively proven that we can calibrate the youth’s perception of “cool!”  If you want to learn more on how we accomplish this feel free to contact us.

The films we produced on the subject as well as the videos taken during the campaign with the feedback from the students is a testament to the above.

Jacques Gombault is looking for support, be it via crowd funding so he can carry on with this impactful campaign. There are primary school films available in Afrikaans and English.

Any questions or further communication can be addressed to or you can phone Jacques directly on 083 469 3646.


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