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To See Like God Sees Us


Stephan Pretorius

“Do you form your perceptions on mere face value?”

“Do you look on things based on the outward appearance?”

“You seem to always be looking at people by their outward appearances”.

These are various translations of an especially important question Paul asked the Corinthians (2 Co 10:7). That is also what I want to ask myself and want to ask you today: What information is currently defining your perceptions?   

During the recent times of contradiction, tension in society and growth of fear and uncertainty, I have realised all the more that we should make sure what information we use to build our perceptions and expectations of life and the future. Our ears must be fine-tuned to echo the TRUTH; to understand the authentic language of our origin (Mirror Translation of 2 Co 10:6).    

My dream is to SEE the Kingdom of God manifest in our midst! However, I realised that I must SEE the way GOD SEES, think the way God thinks, and then be available to act according to His PLAN! This is a real challenge today as the “facts” presented by the media and our everyday conversations tend to override the TRUTH of the reality of God’s Kingdom! Therefore, it has become particularly important for us to make a few valuable and critical decisions going forward:

SEE each other the way GOD sees us, not according to flesh, but as spiritual beings. We usually see people around us from a judgemental point of view. Paul explains that the LOVE of CHRIST compels us to SEE all people included in the death of CHRIST. Then we do not see them according to the flesh anymore but included and part of a NEW CREATION. Based on this fresh perception about people, our focus changed from religious condemnation and exclusion to reconciliation and inclusion (2 Co 5:14 – 18). The GOOD NEWS of the KINGDOM of GOD will flow and enlighten the hearts of many people if we lead them to be awakened to the reality of their unconditional inclusion in CHRIST! 

See the world, like GOD sees it. We have recently been involved in water infrastructure projects in extremely poor communities. While driving through the shacks in the cold mornings of the North West Province, I saw the poverty, the lack of hope in the eyes of people, the decay and lack of basic infrastructure, the lack of something green, the absence of LIGHT in the darkness. And then God challenged me to see through the LOVE of CHRIST, the potential of light in this very same community: Can I see the possibility for all these people to be “touched” with the solution of the Kingdom of GOD? Can I see the possibility of a NEW WORLD, NEW DEVELOPMENT, hectares and hectares of agricultural land, new opportunities, new businesses, new thoughts, and ways of thinking? This picture is what motivates me to build and strengthen the NETWORK of the BODY of CHRIST, unconditionally, day by day.

Perception is the way we see things – the lens we see the world through; the way we think. It becomes a power that drives us in a specific direction in life. Therefore, we must make sure that our perceptions are based on the TRUTH, the truth that sets us free! In order to have GOD’s perception, we must prioritise the impact of the WORD in our lives and we must spend time with the SPIRIT of GOD!

We have the MIND of CHRIST (1 Cor 2:10). The key to LIFE is IN CHRIST! If we are IN CHRIST, even our challenges will be in the presence of CHRIST – and there will be a solution! In CHRIST is like being “in the ark” in the days of Noah. The world will see, every knee will bow, and tongue confess that Jesus CHRIST is LORD!


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