We are now in the process of developing the Touching Africa Cooperative UNIT, consisting of several co-operatives that represent specific services available in Touching Africa. This unit will play a major role in the future development programs funded by the expected surplus in the Touching Africa Co-operative Bank (TACB). 3 Touching Africa Co-operatives ~ By Tiaan Liebenberg ~ These co-operatives, as summarised in the figure above, represent a structured network with a shared vision to make a difference in the African society.

Each co-operative has its own application and specialist field of operation, reflecting the diverse nature of all the different companies, organisations, entities and individuals that support the Touching Africa Initiatives and eventually the TACB. The establishment of the co-operatives is almost completed, rendering a framework for the functionality of the proposed TACB.



Primary Co-operatives

1. Touching Africa Integrated Development Services Cooperative

The Touching Africa Integrated Development Services Co-operative (TA-IDS Co-op) represents Touching Africa associates that render onestop professional, scientific-specialist, engineering and technical services to Governmental institutions and community-based authorities (such as Traditional Authorities) on a holistic and sustainable turn-key basis. The focus will be on basic community service delivery such as water, sanitation, housing and roads. The services will include planning, design, specialist consulting, implementation, construction, operation and maintenance, training, skills transfer as well as capacity building. The dream is that this co-operative will offer a one-stop service to municipalities, traditional authorities and other governmental and community-based institutions from access to capital and financial support, institutional assistance up to project implementation – needed for a holistic solution.


2. The Touching Africa Tourism Cooperative

The vision of the Touching Africa Tourism Co-operative (TAT Co-op) is to render excellent eco-tourism services through the networking of high-quality facilities and opportunities, as part of the sustainable development of Africa and its people. All tourist facilities belong to various Touching Africa Associates with incredible and breath-taking destinations, currently listed in Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. This Co-operative will offer clients a variety of options in Southern Africa, including a system to research and book tourism activities online. It is also a dream to unlock village and communitybased tourism in Southern Africa through this process.


3. The Touching Africa Agricultural Services Co-operative

The Touching Africa Agricultural Services Co-operative (TA–Agri-serv Co-op) represents various Touching Africa Associates that render services within the agricultural sector, with a shared purpose to contribute to the sustainable growth and development in Africa. This co-operative provides a variety of services across the entire agricultural value-chain, adding value to communities and putting them first. On project level the TA–Agri-serv Coop will work hand-in-hand with the TAIDS Co-op, ensuring that the provision of basic services to communities are integrated with agricultural development.


4.The Touching Africa Community and Social Development Services

Various NPO’s, social enterprises and other community-focused Touching Africa Associates joined forces to establish the Touching Africa Community and Social Development Services Co-operative (TA-CSDS Co-op). This co-operative will assist and develop communities through various existing and new projects, initiatives and social-development services. The aim of the TA-CSDS Co-op is also to support NPO’s and social enterprises through training and capacity building, contributing to the growth of their projects and funding opportunities.


5. The Touching Africa Corporate and Business Services Co-operative

The Touching Africa Corporate and Business Services Co-operative (TA-CBS Co-op) consists of various Touching Africa Associates rendering corporate and business services.

Through the TA-CBS Co-op, these services are now available to all Touching Africa Associates. The TACBS Co-op will also provide support to Touching Africa related projects by offering effective corporate services within the framework of Kingdom principles.This co-operative will deliver legal services, business institutional services, fiduciary services, strategic business development and corporate solutions to new and existing businesses.


6. The Touching Africa Training and Education Services Co-operative

The Touching Africa Training and Education Services Co-operative (TATED Co-op) represents Touching Africa Associates operating in the training and education service sector. These training services include, amongst others:

· A diverse range of specialist training, aimed at transferring skills and knowledge on a structured basis from one associate to another, when needed. This will be based on needs and skills audits within the ranks of the Touching Africa Associates.
· Social development programs including basic training in reading, writing, social skills and skills development for the unemployed.
· Governmental based packages and services.
· Faith-conviction based training and workshops.


7. The Touching Africa Enterprise Development Co-operative

Although corporate and business services, as well as training and education, are included in other Touching Africa co-operative’s services, the Touching Africa Enterprise Development Co-operative (TAED Co-op) will specifically focus on the identification, establishment and development of enterprises within the Touching Africa framework. It will build on the existing Black Enterprise Empowerment Program (BEEP) that has been a part of Touching Africa for years. This co-operative will encompass enterprise-, changeand conflict management, leadership development and business ethics.


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