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Training Dolomite Risk Management Volunteers

Disasters often occur without warning and can have devastating effects. Whilst it remains impossible to predict all-natural disasters, scientists have been able to analyse data patterns and trends to help us identify which areas are more susceptible to risk.

In 2017, Kgoma Africa was appointed by the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality (Dr KKDM) to develop a framework for Dolomite Risk Management Strategy (DRMS). As part of the DRMS, a Risk Communication Strategy was developed aiming to inform dolomite affected and affecting parties of the risk at hand. Dr KKDM discovered that the dolomite within its jurisdiction could potentially impact 50 of its communities. Therefore, we invited the Dr KKDM volunteers to assist us in spreading awareness.

These volunteers have committed to promoting safety in helping the most vulnerable people and communities to be safe by making them aware of the measures that need to be taken when living on dolomite.



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