Progress in the establishment of the touching africa co-oPeratives

Various Touching Africa Associates came together and defined consolidated services through co-operative structures,
as part of the development of tools to “touch” and make a difference in society.

These co-operatives represent a structured network with a shared vision to make a difference in African society.

Each co-operative has its own application and specialist field of operation, reflecting the diverse nature of all the different companies, organisations, entities and individuals supporting the Touching Africa Initiatives.

The co-operatives that have been formed are as follows:

  • The Touching Africa Integrated Development Services (IDS) Co-operative
  • The Touching Africa Tourism Co-operative
  • The Touching Africa Agricultural Services Co-operative
  • The Touching Africa Community and Social Development Services
  • The Touching Africa Corporate and Business Services Co-operative
  • The Touching Africa Training and Education Services Co-operative
  • The Touching Africa Enterprise Development Co-operative

Three of the above co-operatives have been registered. The remaining co-operatives are in with CIPC. If you want more information or be involved in one of this co- operations contact us for more detail:

Tiaan Liebenberg – [email protected]; +27 82 561 8836

Stephan Pretorius – [email protected]; +27 832 682 097

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