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Jan Myburgh, Stephan Pretorius, Stephan Potgieter

AGES is and has been proudly supporting Touching Africa – for AGES!

The AGES Group is currently functioning as an integrated group of offices, all working on the same rock of AGES and adhering to the same AGES-brand principles and guidelines that have been unchanged for more than 30 years.

Offices and satellite offices are located throughout South Africa at the following 8 localities:

• Polokwane
• Potchefstroom
• East London
• Worcester
• Pretoria
• Johannesburg
• Kathu
• Durban

We all realise, not only due to the COVID-19 scare; but also due to changes in the consulting playing field over the last couple of years, that things are going to change and business models will have to change to accommodate the new normal.

There are however a couple of things that will NEVER CHANGE. These are things that have eternal value. FAITH. HOPE. LOVE. With Love having the capacity to even transcend the boundaries of physical life. The AGES Group is founded on such eternal values. This gives us hope for the future of the company, so that in faith we can go forward with peace in our hearts.

Through 30 years in the workplace we have somehow learnt that the Kingdom of GOD is everywhere we put HIM first. This led to a very practical discovery of the KINGDOM in the workplace as a reality of life.

Today more than ever, we know that we are a CORPORATE TEAM in AGES, with our individual identities, calling and purpose intertwined into a level of one-ness that became more than just “unity amongst individuals that work together”! We are part of a bigger BODY of CHRIST, with a specific purpose today in society and in AFRICA. The expression of each part of the BODY, even in AGES, differs substantially amongst the different offices and geographic localities – but together we act as a BODY!

Going forward, we prophetically see each office as a local “AGES-FARM”. We “farm” with SOLUTIONS – solutions to any challenge within the GEO-ENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR in Africa. This challenge may be a lack of water; water quality; environmental; or geotechnical – we engineer the SOLUTION! Our dream is to grow a multi-disciplinary “harvest” that covers a wide range of sustainable solutions within the geo-environmental sector.

We will be sharing our journey in future TAGs.

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