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Touching Africa leadership workshop

We are planning our next Touching Africa Board meeting for Thursday 15 November 2018, in Potchefstroom, 10h00, AGES offices boardroom.

The next day, Friday, 16 November 2018, we will have a Touching Africa Leaders Workshop in Potchefstroom. The purpose of this event will be to workshop practical topics such as the development of the Touching Africa Cooperative Bank and related functions, the optimising of our article 18A function and fundraising/management. These will be discussed in the context of the vision in Touching Africa and the power of the prophetic word in our midst. We are excited to acquire a clearer understanding of what the Lord is doing in our midst, being motivated as Leaders to implement God’s Plan!

Anyone wanting to attend and knowing that he/she must be there, please contact Stephan Pretorius so that the team can be organised in preparation for this very important Leadership event for 2018.

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