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The heart of Touching Africa

We are living in a broken society, shaped by hidden agendas and own interests, resulting in separation, differences in culture and socio-economic models, classes and groups, with own kingdoms on the one hand and poverty on the other. We are therefore born into a world where we are bombarded with diverse cultural and traditional mindset driven by own interest and own kingdoms, most of which directly stems from the “Tree of knowledge of good and evil systems” (Gen 2:17) – which is the fallen mindset.

Even our spiritual ability (the aspects that are supposed to keep us together in unity as human beings), is captured by major religious- and church differences. The more the fragmentation and brokenness in society, the more we suffer daily on an individual level!

The total society is based on a lie that we have to perform to proof our value, that we have to strive to become, not knowing the truth of our incredible design as image bearers of God (James 3:9). A multitude of people are living in the darkness of ignorance – not knowing the truth of the integrity of their design and their redeeming value and innocence in Jesus Christ.

Within this challenging environment, Touching Africa sees an opportunity to make a difference, based on an alternative Kingdom reality, a specific understanding of the WORD of God. Our adventure in Touching Africa is to declare what we have discovered to be true about every single person! Jesus says that when we discover that the son of man is indeed the son of God then the gates of hades (not to see) will crumble and the prisoners of darkness will be free to discover themselves in Him. In fact, this truth will be the foundation of the ‘ecklecia’, the local expression of the Body of Christ, and the key to unlocking God’s authority on earth with eternal effect in the heavenly realms (Matt 16: 13 – 18). We are therefore not striving to make a difference, we are making a difference by being the difference.

This understanding led to the development of Touching Africa as it grew in the hearts of various individuals together in business during the 1990’s. It led to the concept to provide an alternative to this brokenness – by giving expression to the reality of the Kingdom of God: His government and jurisdiction available to mankind. This expression was not restricted to church and religion as traditionally applied but understood as an alternative society giving expression to the reality of the corporate body of Christ in all spheres of life, including the workplace.

Above all, Touching Africa stands for Unity within a reality of diversity. We understand that real transformation in society can only follow if we stand in UNITY in the corporate experience of God’s Love. We know that this is a constant choice and challenge as we are all so diverse in our various cultures, mindsets and understanding of life.

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