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How and where do I start my story?
It is the year 2015. In January, the harvest looked particularly good and it seemed
to be a good year, with corn standing 8 to 10 feet high. Little did we know the
difficult season that lay ahead. In the years that followed, we had severe droughts,
unprecedented heat of 37’C and rain was scarce. We harvested below average to
no crops. We were run down and had no idea how we were going get out of this
The Lord told me to work and live quietly and calmly in the Land that God has
given me. The following year, it was so dry that we could not plant a thing. The
rains were too late and when it rained, the planting season was over. Year in and
year out we had lots of questions and no answers. However, we kept our eyes on
God, standing in faith that He would help us.
The Farm was under immense pressure, and usually, when one is under pressure,
one makes wrong decisions. So, we decided that if God does not tell us to do
something, we are not going to do anything. God gave us dreams and showed us
the way in a desperate time of need. One particular scripture that we held fast to
was Jer. 29:11 that says, “The plan that God has for us is a plan to prosper and not
to harm us.”
During the planting time of 2019, the Lord gave me the scripture where Elisha
asked the widow, what do you have and what are you doing with it? All I had was
seed, fertiliser, and fuel. So, we decided to plant the whole farm, every little open
piece of land and trust the Lord for the rest.
In 2020 my son, Ignatius, came to me and said: “If God does not help us this year it
would be the first time”. We held on to the dreams and scriptures God gave us and when we began harvesting a few months ago, the crops were something I had not seen in my 48 years of being a farmer.
The beans, sunflowers and corn is extraordinary, something out of heaven. If God is for us, who can be against us. All the honour and glory to God our Father and Helper that keeps His Word and gives us even more than we can think or dream of.


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