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Women 4 Housing 4 Women – Elsie’s Home

With our competent building and maintenance team, we are excited to assist women-headed households to improve their living conditions. A service we are providing to members of the Touching Africa Network.  Our latest beneficiary in the W4H4W programme is Elsie Ntileka. She is grateful for the maintenance upgrades to her house, funded by her employers, Jonathan and Elana Baron.

Elsie received a government subsidised RDP house in 2004. The house consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, small kitchen, lounge and an outside toilet.  She has extended the house with a zink mukhukhu with a large kitchen and two bedrooms to accommodate her children and grandchildren for whom she is the main financial provider.

As a first phase of maintenance, general safety, structural and water issues were addressed.  A stoep was built between the house and mukhukhu to provide extra family space and address the rain/stormwater issue.  The structural integrity of the mukhukhu was substantially increased with strong, high-quality beams and poles.  New locks were installed for the doors and broken windows were fixed.  The bathroom plumbing was upgraded, and a new mixer fitted.  For the kitchen, we bought 2 extra cupboards and provided nice floor covering.  At the stoep, a newly built wooden bench invites you for a quick chat and a cup of coffee. Future additions and building upgrades are planned that will require further funding.

The recently completed upgrades have already sparked a sense of hope and enthusiasm with Elsie and her family and we are ready make an impact on the next household!

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