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You Matter

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“You Matter Touching Africa Campaign” 

There is a saying: “no one has ever become poorer by giving.” If one is in position tohelp someone else, why not do so. In Touching Africa, we truly prioritise the end user and rural communities are at the centre of our hearts.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left the world in havoc. So many measures have been put in place in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. We have seen a number of South Africans panic buy, implement social distancing and staying at home.

There are however many South Africans who cannot afford to stockpile, people who cannot stay at home as home to them is a one room shack with 5 plus people living in it. Tvhere are a number of residents who do not have water and can therefore not afford to stay indoors.

I am a resident of Makotopong Village, Polokwane in Limpopo. Many people contacted me seeking assistance with food.

This has led to the start of the “You Matter Touching Africa Campaign” where individuals and public organisations became involved in helping those in need during this crisis.

We would like to thank everyone, especially Chubby Chick Potchefstroom, for assisting us in feeding 50 households for a month and more. We trust that this Campaign will continue to assist communities in need.


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