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Social Cohesion and Moral Regeneration in the North West Province

An exciting venture in Touching Africa involves the implementation of a Social Cohesion and Moral
Regeneration Program for the North West Province through Men Sector Development, Social
Development Programs, and taking care of vulnerable groups in the community. As part of this
Program, Touching Africa and Bana Ba Kae are taking hands to make a difference in the
communities within the North West Province.

Bana Ba Kae’s vision entails activating MEN to take up their responsibility as the Fathers of the
community! WE are asking the question: Where are the men in our society?

Origin and Structure
Baba Ba Kae started as a Men’s Forum in September 2011 in Tlokwe, North West Province,
structured as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) with a professional management system. We are a
member of the broader Touching Africa Network, with a vision to bring a difference.

Dream and Purpose
To encourage government and civil society to initiate programs and services to promote Social
Cohesion and Moral Regeneration
Touching the community by engaging with of Men and Boys
To improve service delivery that is sensitive, compassionate and respectful to vulnerable groups in
our community

What we do
Serving through Enterprise Development
Addressing men & violence
Assisting victims of substance abuse
Supporting family development
HIV Prevention campaigns and gender-based violence campaigns
Gala evenings, awards, motivating men
Providing food in need during lockdown
Virtual seminars and training during lockdown
Father’s day – community social cohesion Training MEN towards moral regeneration
Actions against crime

Where is our playground?
We are based in Tlokwe but taking hands across all forums. Our focus is in the North West Province.
It is essential for us to be a voice that promotes social cohesion and moral generation in the
community! In this way we can make a difference in the broader local community.
Saki Toltleng, one of Touching Africa’s team members, is the head of the Social Cohesion and
Moral Regeneration Program (Part of the Social and community Development Co-operative in
Touching Africa). He is also the Chairperson of the men’s sector & NW representative at SANEC; a
Provincial AIDS Council member (PAC); Victim Empowerment Forum member of the North West
and a Civil Society Forum member of the North West.

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