Touching-Africa Bank

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18 Jun: ndebele ProGraM – revisitinG Mou with nwu

I read a quote that says, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”. It was exciting to witness that this quote does not apply to the Ndebele Program as we converged around the table in Professor Dan Kgwadi’s office for a meeting held between …



If your heart resonates with this title, this article is for you! We go through different season’s in life. Seasons of abundance as well as seasons of need. Touching Africa gives you the opportunity to “pay it forward” to help each other when needed.

AGRI cop-op

13 Dec: AGRI Co-operative

With the reality of a Touching Africa Co-operative Bank inching ever closer, the establishment of the primary co-operatives has become imperative. By viewing these co-operatives not just as placeholders but rather as entities with large potential,…