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Touching Africa Workshop

Exciting opportunity to work together!

We scheduled our first workshop to further develop the Touching Africa Co-Operative for Integrated Development Services. This is an opportunity for specialists and consultants involved in Development Projects, to create a trustworthy forum from which projects can be serviced. The dream is to develop this co-operative as a “one-stop” professional service to obtain access to a team of specialists on project level. It will include engineers, planners, geo-specialists, agri-specialists, environmental specialists, architects and a various related specialist to work together in future.


This co-operative gives people with a KINGDOM VISION a platform to work together from the same point of departure – that we see new development as part of the practical manifestation of the KINGDOM of GOD. We believe this will grow into a major instrument in the hand of the BODY of CHRIST to contribute to community development.

The vision of the co-operative is to develop holistic, custom, turn-key, sustainable scientific and engineering solutions to impact communities in terms of basic service delivery facing municipalities, tribal authorities, governmental institutions and private developers.

The main objectives are:
• To effectively address the need for basic service delivery (i.e. water, sanitation, housing, energy, roads, communication, etc.).
• To provide turn-key, impact-driven and end-user focussed development services.
• To apply the principle of sustainability and community resilience to technical solutions.
• To provide a holistic solution with services ranging from planning, design, implementation, construction, operation and maintenance, training, skills transfer as well as capacity building.
• To channel funding to projects through the relevant Touching Africa institutions.
Professionals interested to participate are welcome to contact Louisa Ralepelle ( The workshop will be held on Friday the 13th of March 2020 at the Touching Africa office in Potchefstroom. Only 15 seats are available and bookings will close on 9 March 2020.

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